Timeless Tile & Designs Cares for the Environment

For close to 30 years, Timeless Tile and Designs has thoughtfully designed, carefully crafted, and consciously produced our own ceramic art tile from our workshop in Hampden, Maine. From raw clay to finished art tile, we work hard to reduce our impact on our environment and achieve our goal of a low carbon footprint. Timeless Tile’s production is entirely in-house, and we control the process to ensure every stage of production is up to our environmental standards.

At Timeless Tile, we use recycled wood as our main source of heat, fueling our kilns to fire ceramic tile at 2500 degrees “white heat.” This intensive process gives our high-fired tile a life expectancy of over 2000 years. We turn our clay and glaze discards back into usable clay and glaze with little or no waste, and buy all of our products recycled whenever and wherever possible. Our clay bodies and art glazes are formulated only by us and fabricated exclusively with American manufacturers in order to strengthen the national economy.

Timeless Tile and Designs is passionately respectful of our environment, and seeks to help the natural world around us as we work with clay to produce handcrafted art for clients and customers for years to come. We strive for perfection in our work and are proud of the tiles we create as we carry the tradition of artisan tile making into the modern age.